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We can help you We can help you
We can help you We can help you
Do you still not know where to start when buying new clothes? Which items of clothing will combine well together and which will suit you? Our fashion consultants are here to help you with these questions and are at your disposal 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We have only to agree on the time of the meeting.
We can come to you We can come to you
We can come to you We can come to you
Do you require a new suit but find yourself too pressed for time to visit us? It is no problem for us. You can choose and try on new clothes in your own home or office. We can also deliver your completed suit to whatever address you require.
Express service Express service
Express service Express service
If you require a new suit or shirt faster than usual we can also offer express manufacture and delivery. For an extra fee we can tailor make a new shirt within 5 work days and a suit within 3 weeks.
Double-quality control Double-quality control
Double-quality control Double-quality control
We believe that your suit and shirt should be finished perfectly in every detail. We therefore leave nothing to chance. The different parts of every piece leaving our workshops are subject to at least one fitting and two rigorous quality controls.



Do 24. března jsou naše salóny zavřené


Dočasně máme zavřeno a místo košil šijeme roušky

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Z prémiové kolekce látek vznikne pouze 15 košil. Jedna z nich může být vaše


GALARD patří mezi 24 nejlepších krejčovství na světě, které šijí z kolekce látek ICONS.

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Plesová sezona je tady. Využijte naši speciální nabídku slavnostních oděvů na míru.


A rozzařte smokingem z GALARDu společenskou událost sezóny, Česko-Slovenský ples.

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Prvotřídní vlna i luxusní samet. Představujeme materiály tohoto podzimu


Připravte svůj šatník na novou sezónu.

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Do brněnského salónu hledáme MTM specialistu


Pokud máte oko na detaily, možná hledáme právě vás.

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Nové vzorníky látek, se kterými dáte létu na frak


Nechte si šít z látek speciálně upravených na cesty i do vysokých teplot.

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Šijeme firmám dress code na míru


Personalizovaný potisk látky i zkoušky v pohodlí vaší kanceláře

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Nechte si v brněnském salónu ušít separátní sako a dostanete kalhoty jako dárek


Přivítejte jaro nadčasovým rozšířením vašeho šatníku

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Obleky na míru
Tailored suits
Košile na míru
Tailored shirts

How we began

The idea of having a men’s bespoke tailors first appeared in the mind of a young gentleman who had for a long time searched in vain for a shirt which would perfectly fit him. He decided therefore to start offering tailor made shirts for people for those in the same situation, ill served by the gentleman’s outfitters of the time. The enthusiastic response of his customers inspired the young entrepreneur to widen the services he offered to include tailor made suits, which until then many Czech men had only been able to dream of. The next step was to increase the range of products with high quality handmade shoes and tasteful gentleman’s accessories.

We have now been operating as leading tailors for 5 years and we owe our success to our belief in honesty and hard work

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