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Fabric Butler: a mobile app for Albini and Thomas Mason shirt fabrics

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Even though the doors to our salons are momentarily closed, we continue to look for ways to stay in contact with you even during the current epidemiological situation. 

Now we would like to bring you a new way to refresh your wardrobe with our new shirts with fabrics from Albini and Thomas Mason. 

It is all very easy, simply download the Fabric Butler app, where you will be able to find a complete selection of our shirt fabrics.  Whether you are looking for a shirt for a stylish Autumn stroll in nature or for a formal online work meeting, we will have something suitable for you.  

How does Fabric Butler work?

The app is available for free at the App Store or on Google Play.  It does not work like an e-shop (where you select an item, put it into a basket and order) but instead like a library, where the user browses through a selection of individual fabric collections and then places them on a wishlist.  As explained in more detail below, this is then sent to the relevant branch of GALARD.  The salon will then contact the customer regarding the dimensions, cut and overall design of the shirt. 

Fabric Butler does not ignore customers who are not entirely sure what they are looking for.  We also therefore offer the ‘Let yourself guide’ function which, according to a set of questions, will recommend to the user fabrics which precisely suit their preferences. 

Download the app onto your smart phone or tablet and then take the following steps: 

1. Register under your name and email address.

2. Select a password (with a minimum of 8 characters)

3. Enter the code of the relevant tailor’s shop: 

-          For GALARD Brno this is TC1025

-          For GALARD Prague this is TC0956

4. The final step in the registration is an optional subscription to the newsletter and agreement to the general terms and conditions. 

5. As soon as you log on to the app, the ‘Find your Fabric’ icon will pop up and then you will be able to check out a wide selection of fabrics which the app classifies into individual categories.   

6. If a fabric catches your eye, simply add it to your wishlist (don’t forget to enter the number of shirts you are interested in and their size).  

7. Once your wishlist is ready, send it to the relevant GALARD salon by clicking on the heart icon in the top right hand corner. 

8. As soon as the relevant branch receives your wishlist, they will contact you immediately.  

We wish you all good health and hope that we can soon meet again in person in one of our salons. 

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