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New fabrics for the Spring/Summer 2016 season have arrived!

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Warm spring and summer days are approaching and we all must prepare for this. We can help you refresh your wardrobe with everything you need.

The family company Albini, our traditional supplier of shirt designs, have already prepared a number of new items for the season. Fabrics of the finest linen from Piumino have strong pastel colours and are embroidered with repeating patterns. Wallpaper are also featured in the new collection. These fabrics are printed with various different kinds of miniature patterns. The prevailing colour in the collection is once again blue in many different shades.

The Belgian company Scabal, producer of suit fabrics, has this year significantly widened its New Deluxe range which is made up of 100 percent wool twill fabrics. Now you can choose from a wide variety of shades of all colours for your suit that you could scarcely imagine. Once again many different shades of blue dominate. Also featuring more strongly is the colour green. Scabal are also launching a range of wool fabrics with a special finish that are highly resistant to wear and tear and creasing. They are perfect for businessmen who often travel and are not always able to look after their suit properly.

You can find everything from our new collection at our two salons in Prague and Brno.

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