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GALARD is the partner and etiquette guarantor of the two largest Czech balls in 2024

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In 2024 GALARD tailors will once again become the proud partner and etiquette guarantor of the two largest balls in Prague and Brno – the "Česko-Slovenský ples" and "Ples jako Brno". Shall we meet you there? 

The dress code for these two major social events is as with other balls, black tie. For those not quite sure what this means, we have written some simple rules.

If after reading them, you find that you are missing some of the recommended clothing or accessories, we suggest that you take advantage of one of our promotional packages at a favourable price. To receive this special price, simply use the codewords ‘guarantor of etiquette’ when communicating with us. 

The dress code for men

The basics are a tuxedo complimented by a white shirt, bow tie and quality shoes. The cut of the smoking jacket can vary depending on current fashion trends, even in terms of material. The jacket can be single or double-breasted, with a shawl-collar or a peaked lapel. And the colour? This should of course usually be black although other dark colours are permitted, ideally combining with velvet. The lapels have shiny facings, as do all the buttons. The trouser braids are also made from a shiny material.  

The shirt is always and only white. With regards to the collar, the rules are no longer as strict as before. The classic tuxedo collar can be replaced with a normal one.  French double cuffs should have cufflinks. The front of the shirt can be decorated with pleats and also onyx buttons.

Choose a black bow tie or match the colour to the cummerbund or sash.  Leave your white bow tie at home, this is for the white tie dress code.

The elegance of the tuxedo is enhanced by a cummerbund or sash that covers the waist. This is most often black or matching the colour of the bow tie or any decorative handkerchief.  

Thin knee socks and elegant lace-up shoes, ideally made from patent leather and with closed lacing, are also black.

Don’t forget a decorative handkerchief for your jacket pocket and of course, cufflinks. 


Ball packages

Black tie Luxury Package

  • Made to measure tuxedo from 100 percent Italian wool
  • Tailor made tuxedo shirt
  • Pair of Oxford shoes
  • Tuxedo lapel buttons
  • Cufflinks
  • Silk cummerbund and bow tie

Standard price 49 970 CZK

Price using ‘guarantor of etiquette’ code 39 900 CZK

Black tie Exclusive Package

  • Bespoke made to measure tuxedo made from selected Scabal and Holland & Sherry fabrics
  • Tailor made tuxedo shirt made from Albini fabric
  • Pair of Oxford shoes
  • Tuxedo lapel buttons
  • Cufflinks
  • Silk cummerbund and bow tie

Standard price 69 770 CZK

Price using ‘guarantor of etiquette’ code 59 900 CZK


Black tie individual

If you do not wish to use one of the above packages, you can build your own and get a promotional discount of 10 percent. 

Interested in one of our Ball packages? Arrange a meeting with us.

Final advice

Lades and Gentlemen, when buying new shoes, always wear them for a few hours every day before a ball or other social event. Nothing is more certain to ruin your evening than overly tight shoes. Try on your complete outfit at least a week before the first ball of the season. That way you will be able to spot any potential flaws. 

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